The Secret History of Penis Vehicles preview edition is now available at Blurb

How often is it said and thought that many vehicles are simply an over compensation for a perceived lack of size in the penis department?
I’ve taken that a little bit further – well; a LOT further.
In this book I have illustrated 22 fanciful vehicles that bear an uncanny resemblance to penis’s.
Each vehicle is based around vehicles or technology that was/is available at the time it was purportedly built. We begin with a steam wagon train that uses a flywheel gyroscope horizontally mounted to maintain balance. The more modern 2 wheel vehicles use electric/hybrid motors and use computers and electrics like  found in the Segway to achieve balance. Other vehicles to get the penis treatment are submarines, aircraft and ekranoplans. For this initial edition I have limited the book to a coffee table style book. In the future there may be more detailed editions that explain the design and how it works based on the available technology.

A 24 page preview of The Secret History of Penis Vehicles is available at: